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Yet another question about complex IG Filter to the APEX TEAM, roadmap?

nikola.velinovFeb 2 2022

Hello everybody,
first, congratulations to the APEX TEAM for the superb new widget "Interactive Grid" - a truly nice thing!
But, and that's a huge but..
Some of our existing applications are APEX apps and they make heavy use of Interactive Report.
Now we are developing the next app using IGs for the first time instead of IRs. And our endusers ask: "How can it be that the new app has less powerful search capabilities than the much older apps?"
We are trying hard to explain to our endusers that the new app is based on much more modern technology, that the processes behind the scenes are much more complex (model-view), and most importantly that IG can do a lot of things that IR can't. But such explanations aren't much of help for endusers. From their point of view it's still a bit disappointing.
With that in mind, a question to the APEX TEAM: May we hope that this issue would be addressed in the near future? Is there a schedule, a roadmap? Approximately how many years could theoretically pass from now until at least some OR-filtering like "Column_A = 'A' OR Column_B = 'B'" could be done by endusers (not talking about javascript APIs)?

Thank you very much for an answer in advance

PS: Brief recap of what has been written on that subject so far (at least what I could quickly find)

There are already two Feature Requests
IR/IG filter should work the same -> I voted and posted a link to this question here
Filter Expressions/Functions/Operators in IR to be used in IG

And there are already several community discussions, starting from year 2017
2017 Nov: IG Missing Complex Filter Options?
2018 Apr: Interactive Grid Row Filter
2018 May: Interactive Grid lacks ability to create complex filters
2018 Aug: Interactive Grid - alternatives for IR Row Filter - how to compare two columns in a row?
2019 Jun: Komplexe Filter in IG
2019 Jun: Interactive Grid row filter does not work.
2020 Jul: Filter Expressions/Functions/Operators in IR to be used in IG
2021 Feb: How can I create a custom filter to compare two columns in an interactive grid?
2021 Jul: IG filter with OR?

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Added on Feb 2 2022