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XML Namespace handling?

843834Jul 18 2001 — edited Jul 25 2001
I am having a typical problem here. Is there any way I can set a namespace to an XML string before I convert it into a Document. The problem is I have this XML string and I am trying to parse it, but I get a Exception because one of the tags in the XML string has a name space and I need to assign a name space to it here.

here's an example...

Following is my XML string say....

<schema>Schema 1</schema>
<schemaversion>DX:MD1.0 S:1.0</schemaversion>

I need to parse this string, but I can not do it without setting a namespace for dlmd:record! Or is there a way I can do it without the namespace...I tried using the setNamespaceaware() option but it does not seem to work.

It's sort of strange as to why I need to assign a name space to it here...but thats the problem I have to deal with...

any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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