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xml element not generating in data control if field value is null

Sunil907-OracleAug 17 2012 — edited Feb 26 2020
Hi All,

I am facing issue with request payload in BPEL. Senario is

1. There is one BPEL process which recieves input and do some processing. Inside that i have used assign activity.
request payload schema contains some string inputs, few of them are not mandatory. Its working perfectly when i am testing it using em console.

After that i have created data control for this. Now i using this in ADF page and providing only mandatory values. Problem is that one, in the absence of values for some fileds (non mandatory), its not generating xml tag in request payload and i am getting selection failure exception in assign activity.

Example -

If i am using EM console for testing and not providing input for the product, in that case it is generating payload as below


but same when i am testing using data control it is generating as


</ns1:PRODUCT> is missing in request payload.

How we can configure data control to generate xml tags for null values. Tag should be generated in all cases whether values are there or not.

Please help.

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