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XE21c free space management problem

Yuri PedanNov 21 2021

I have an issue with space available at a newly created XE21c database on Windows.
Right after I migrate my application there (by DataPump), my data takes about 5G and I can see about 6G of free space in my app's tablespace.
But as a few days pass there is no free space left, and my app just added a few dozens of megabytes of used space (according to dba_segments).
I have the same app still running on XE18c and there is no that kind of problem at all.
I've set up a monitoring tool to track free space, the free space is just disappearing.
Any idea how to fix this?

This post has been answered by Yuri Pedan on Nov 28 2021
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Added on Nov 21 2021