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Oracle Database Express Edition (XE)


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XE11 to XE21 - is 18C mid step necessary?

GlenStromFeb 22 2024

I've got several machines with XE11.2.0.2 installed, main one is a server with MS Server OS, rest are windows 10 machines that sit at remote sites.

I'm upgrading the main version on the server, which has Windows Server 2019 standard on it, and I installed XE21c on it as well.

There is only one schema I need to move over, and I was thinking I would do an initial full export/import on first test run, then schema only export import on subsequent runs until ready to switch over, but doing export/import into XE18c first is necessary it seems.

Which means I need to find another machine to put 18C on, and I want to make this change over fast, and would like to avoid this step.

If I do the 11 to 18 to 21 route with a full export/import into 18C then move pluggable DB to 21C, can I do subsequent user schema level only export imports direct from 11 > 21C?

I suppose I could go with XE18 and leave it at that, but that would mean installing Windows Server 2016 on the server and I don't think our server admin will be keen on that. It says XE18 isn't certified to run on windows Server 2019 but XE11 isn't certified to run on Windows 10 & we've been running that combo for a couple of years now.

thanks in advance..

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Added on Feb 22 2024