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WSRP - License Error?

649572Jul 13 2008
Hello All... As a developer, I'm trying to evaluate BEA's .Net WSRP Accelerator product. I think I've developed a small test portlet and successfully brought it into a test portal i've set up with Workspace Studio. But when I run the page, I'm not getting my expected page, but rather an error message. The first several lines appear below...

Error invoking portlet "Hello World Portlet2"

The source of this error is:
com.bea.wsrp.faults.TransportException: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'WSRPService.licensing.session.ValidateSessions' threw an exception. ---> System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'com.plumtree.openkernel.procman.IOKProcessManagerService' from assembly 'openkernel, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'. at WSRPService.licensing.session.ValidateSessions..ctor() at WSRPService.licensing.session.ValidateSessions..cctor() in e:\buildroot\Release\wsrp_producer\1.0.x\WSRPService\src\licensing\session\ValidateSessions.cs:line 41 --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at

I see references to licensing - is it a licensing issue? I didnt actually purchase one, but thought i agreed to download it as "eval" - i mean i did the same thing with WebLogic and that's been working like a charm. I do see when I installed it, it gave me a license.bea file on my bea root and it says "expiration=never".

Any thoughts?

Many thanks - Curt
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