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wrong output returned by where clause in timesten

PACHAURI ABHISHEKMay 18 2016 — edited May 19 2016

Dear All,

I have created a view OIB_VIEW in timesten which uses UNION, CASE statement and NVL function. There is a column OIB_USER_ID in the view. I am doing below select queries.

select distinct OIB_USER_ID from OIB_VIEW; -- which gives two IDs '7' and '17' .

select * from OIB_VIEW; -- which gives 43 rows, It is correct.

select * from OIB_VIEW where OIB_USER_ID=17 -- which gives 24 rows but there are 38 rows in actual.

select * from OIB_VIEW where OIB_USER_ID=7 -- which gives 1 row but there are 5 rows in actual.

when I am using "where condition = value" it is giving wrong output. however if I use "where condition like value"  It gives correct output. For eg if I use

select * from OIB_VIEW where OIB_USER_ID like '17' -- it gives 38 rows which is correct.

Plz help why timesten and oracle behave differently.

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