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Write a Java application that allows users to restart Windows services

paulcarronNov 4 2016 — edited Nov 8 2016

Please bear with me. I haven't done any Java programming in about 10 years so this is likely to be a steep learning curve.

I'd like to write a Java application that sits on a users desktop and can be used to restart one of 3 specific services on a remote windows 2012 server.

My initial thought is that the service would be selected from a dropdown and the restart initiated with the click of a button.

The users aren't administrators on the server so I'd like to empower them with permissions to restart these services(only these services).

Can anybody please advise where I might begin with this? If there's anywhere with information on doing something similar I'd greatly appreciate it. Also, am I biting off too much too soon? Right now I'm not even sure where to begin.

Anyway, learn by doing. That's always been my attitude so here's hoping!

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Added on Nov 4 2016
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