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Workspace developer account password reset/change on OCI

b33rMay 12 2022 — edited May 12 2022

On our OCI instance (apologies I don't know the specific type/flavour) when we change/reset the password for a developer account in the workspace, the new password then doesn't seem to work and the developer is unable to log in.
I've investigated and found that in OCI there seems to be an equivalent Database User Account that is created/exists which matches the Username of the APEX developer account and when resetting the password the DB account doesn't get updated which is the problem.
I've therefore found a workaround that if I log in to the database as the ADMIN user and reset the DB User account to have the same password as what we've set when resetting the APEX developer dashboard account this resolves the problem and the Developer is able to log in.
But this doesn't seem right, anyone any idea why we have to do this and why the DB User Account password doesn't get updated when resetting the password for the APEX workspace developer account?
Many thanks

This post has been answered by Arie Geller on May 19 2022
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Added on May 12 2022