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WipEdit Plugin Upgrade

Dave SandersDec 21 2023 — edited Jan 2 2024

We are looking to upgrade our current version of the WipEdit plugin from 12.4.0 to 12.7.1. In doing some prep work, we stumbled upon this article from Andy Little:

Future Planning: Documaker, WIPedit, and Thin Client Editor (

For 12.7.1, it lists the following features:


  • Tentative release date in February/March 2021
  • Runs out of browser only
  • Supports Edge, Firefox, Chrome
  • Current in prerelease testing phase with certain Oracle customers.
  • Implementation model may differ from previous releases

I had 12.7.1 installed on a browser in a VM to test and it appears to run inside the browser just fine. I'm also curious about being supported in Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. Does that mean we are no longer tied to running in Edge (IE Compatibility mode)?

Any clarity would be appreciated.



This post has been answered by steven.saunders-Oracle on Jan 3 2024
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Added on Dec 21 2023