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WipEdit Plugin performance loading Paragraphs

Dave SandersFeb 20 2024

We currently are running Enterprise Edition 12.6.4. We use the WipEdit plugin to draft interactive letters. Current version of the plugin is 12.4.0 and we are working on upgrading to 12.6.4.

In our testing, we are noticing that paragraph loading seems to have changed between the two versions. On Wip Edit 12.6.4, the first time a paragraph loads it's taking about 2-3 times as long as version 12.4. But if we draft the same document a 2nd time, the paragraphs load extremely quickly. I'm assuming that the first time I draft the letter it is downloading the paragraph resources, then on subsequent letters it already has the paragraphs cached so it's lightning fast.

Can anyone confirm if the way that Wip Edit handles paragraphs has changed recently? If it does indeed cache them, how long will they stay cashed for a letter drafter? Are there better caching configs that we should be applying, and are there things we can do in our form design that would help us a little bit?

Thanks in advance,


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Added on Feb 20 2024