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Windows Firewall by gpo

User_C2ZL7Jan 13 2021 — edited Dec 5 2022

We have gpo in AD of company about windows firewall and where we include inbound rules to enable programs, because with the default configuration of Windows Firewall (block inbound connections that not match with rule), some applications warn that it is necessary to add and enable a rule for a certain executable or service (for java/jdk an executable javaw.exe)
But in the company people can have a lot of versions of jdk.
For example I have a rule that enable: C:\program files\java\jdk-13\bin\javaw.exe
But other have warn to add rule for: C:\program files\java\jdk1.8.0_121\bin\javaw.exe
It could be the case that we have to include many executable exceptions..and it's not nice for the admin include all versions.
There is a way to exempt any java version executable javaw.exe by gpo?

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Added on Jan 13 2021