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Windows clients not getting linux application server drive mappings

user13479189May 21 2019 — edited May 22 2019

SGD 5.4 RHEL 7.6

I have a OL7.6 application server that offers a x11 app, I have a export and the tem startcdm process mounts with no issues.

When I run the x11 app (xterm) I do not see "My SGD Drives" and I see this in the details

$ [ -x $SGDTEMINSTDIR/bin/ttatdmcl ] && $SGDTEMINSTDIR/bin/ttatdmcl --dmpdisplay $DISPLAY --servercfg $SGDTEMINSTDIR/etc/client.prf &

[1]    16908

$ Failed to work out the current user

What could this be about? I can't seem to find any errors in any log files.

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Added on May 21 2019
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