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will my upgraded account solve "Out of capacity " error

User_OIN3JOct 28 2022 — edited Oct 30 2022

image.pngI am a free tier user and when I try to create a new VM with "amphere" VM.Standard.A1.Flex shape, I get the error "Out of capacity for shape VM.Standard.A1.Flex in availability domain AD-1. Create the instance in a different availability domain or try again later. If you specified a fault domain, try creating the instance without specifying a fault domain. If that doesn’t work, please try again later. Learn more about host capacity.". So my question is, if upgrade my account, will this error go away and then will be able to create a computer instance with "VM.Standard.A1.Flex". Or is it like upgrading wont have any effect, and its purely based on availability

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Added on Oct 28 2022