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Why i get different result depending of the way executing PL/SQL code process

Soukaina IDRISSIFeb 14 2018 — edited Feb 14 2018

Hi everyone,

I have one modal page that save informations about a folder, this page looks like:


When i click on the save button, i did a lot of actions (insert, update and select one 3 differents tables, add to that im calling a procedure that send mail).
So for that:

  1. In SAVE button properties, in Behavior Section, i set Action=Submit Page
  2. In Processing tab, i create 3 Process :
    1. Update with Type=PLSQL Code, containing 5 steps
    2. Send Mail Type=PLSQL Code, calling the procedure
    3. Close Dialog


- My issue:

When i include all 5 steps in one Process , nothing works, but when i separate the steps (with 5 processes), the program works partially

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Added on Feb 14 2018