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Why does ListView change behaviour when Search is enabled?

AmbaDec 29 2020 — edited Dec 29 2020

Hello! My objective is to capture the ID of ListView's li element via a Dynamic Action - because I want to pass the ID to a PL/SQL procedure to do a look up.
The problem is - when the user types something in the search box, the entire ListView returns null. Why is that? This is release 20.1
here's the detail:
I defined a ListView Region for a DEPT table, with StaticID: "listView"
In the Attributes, I selected 'Advanced Formatting' and 'Enable Search', providing: ListAttributes: data-id=&DEPTNO. and TextFomatting as <h5>&DNAME.: &DEPTNO.</h3>
I created a Dynamic Action on the ListView with jQuerySelector: #listview li
The Dynamic action triigers on Click
For the DA's TRUE action, I set it to exec JavaScript code: var elTE = this.triggeringElement; alert(elTE.innerHTML);
Now, this setup correctly works when I just click on a ListView element - the DA pops up with the innerHTML

However, when I type something in the search box - eg: "RESEARCH" - the ListView goes blank!!
very odd. What's wrong?Here's my test app "ListViewTrouble" - you can log in as external1 and password: problem@Apex2020
I'd appreciate any insight.. Thanks a lot

This post has been answered by fac586 on Jan 1 2021
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Added on Dec 29 2020