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Which ODAC is required for Microsoft Report Builder 15.0.1944.0?

ToolTimeTaborJul 27 2023

What is the problem?

We recently updated to Windows 11 and my Microsoft Report Builder will no longer connect to Oracle. I had been running a Windows 10 machine, with Visual Studio 2019 Professional, Microsoft Report Builder and Microsoft Power BI with ODAC and everything worked. Starting with a fresh Windows 11, I cannot seem to get everything working.

Oracle Databases

The range of Oracle databases I am connecting to is 12c up to 19c. The most important for this discussion is the 12c version, because it is the version affecting my current project. Yes, it is old, but it is not scheduled for upgrade for 6-12 months.

Here is what I have installed:

Windows 11

Visual Studio 2022 Professional

Microsoft Report Builder 15.0.1944.0

Microsoft Power BI Desktop Pro

64-bit Oracle Data Access Components version (ODTwithODAC122011)

With this combination, both Visual Studio 2022 Professional and Microsoft Power BI seem to be working properly.

Microsoft Report Builder

The problem was that Microsoft Report Builder was not connecting. We get this error…

Google to the Rescue

As usual, I checked Google. There are several posts on this topic and basically, they all suggest that I don't have the right version of ODAC installed. They all point to the Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) for Windows Downloads website.

I have tried two installing two different versions ( and with similar results. The installer tells me that I need to install Visual Studio. Unfortunately, I already have Visual Studio 2022 Professional installed, so the message seems to be leading down a rabbit hole.

What used to work?

When we were working back on Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2019, we found that there were two variations on the ODAC, one that supported Microsoft Power BI Desktop Pro and another that supported Power BI Report Builder. P_ower BI Report Builder_ is not the same thing as Microsoft Report Builder, but they are very similar. The former is a cloud based version and the latter a LAN based version, for lack of a better term. In any case, our old Windows 10/VS 2019 seemed to work for all three products that we cared about using the 64-bit Oracle Data Access Components version (ODTwithODAC122011).

Here were the two packages and our notes:

ODAC122011_x64 is used to allow Power BI Desktop Pro to connect.

ODTwithODAC122011 is used to allow Power BI Report Builder to connect.

What should we use?

Any ideas on what version we need for the Windows 11, Visual Studio 2022 Pro setup described above?


This post has been answered by Christian.Shay -Oracle on Jul 29 2023
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Added on Jul 27 2023