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Which library on Solaris exports the symbols for std::condition_variable. And other symbols below.

Iam facing below error while building ICU 70.1 using "oracle developer studio 12.5" on solaris "SunOS 11.3 sun4v sparc".
/comms/tools/apps/solarisstudio125/bin/CC -xarch=sparc -m64 -norunpath -g -Wno-ambiguous-reversed-operator -mt -std=c++11 -Wl,-R$ORIGIN/../lib:/comms/tools/apps/solarisstudio125/lib/compilers/atomic/sparcv9 -z defs -z text -z ignore -lCstd -lCrun -lc -G -h -o ../lib/ appendable.o bmpset.o brkeng.o brkiter.o bytesinkutil.o bytestream.o bytestrie.o bytestriebuilder.o bytestrieiterator.o caniter.o characterproperties.o chariter.o charstr.o cmemory.o cstr.o cstring.o cwchar.o dictbe.o dictionarydata.o dtintrv.o edits.o emojiprops.o errorcode.o filteredbrk.o filterednormalizer2.o icudataver.o icuplug.o loadednormalizer2impl.o localebuilder.o localematcher.o localeprioritylist.o locavailable.o locbased.o locdispnames.o locdistance.o locdspnm.o locid.o loclikely.o loclikelysubtags.o locmap.o locresdata.o locutil.o lsr.o lstmbe.o messagepattern.o normalizer2.o normalizer2impl.o normlzr.o parsepos.o patternprops.o pluralmap.o propname.o propsvec.o punycode.o putil.o rbbi.o rbbi_cache.o rbbidata.o rbbinode.o rbbirb.o rbbiscan.o rbbisetb.o rbbistbl.o rbbitblb.o resbund.o resbund_cnv.o resource.o restrace.o ruleiter.o schriter.o serv.o servlk.o servlkf.o servls.o servnotf.o servrbf.o servslkf.o sharedobject.o simpleformatter.o static_unicode_sets.o stringpiece.o stringtriebuilder.o uarrsort.o ubidi.o ubidi_props.o ubidiln.o ubiditransform.o ubidiwrt.o ubrk.o ucase.o ucasemap.o ucasemap_titlecase_brkiter.o ucat.o uchar.o ucharstrie.o ucharstriebuilder.o ucharstrieiterator.o uchriter.o ucln_cmn.o ucmndata.o ucnv.o ucnv2022.o ucnv_bld.o ucnv_cb.o ucnv_cnv.o ucnv_ct.o ucnv_err.o ucnv_ext.o ucnv_io.o ucnv_lmb.o ucnv_set.o ucnv_u16.o ucnv_u32.o ucnv_u7.o ucnv_u8.o ucnvbocu.o ucnvdisp.o ucnvhz.o ucnvisci.o ucnvlat1.o ucnvmbcs.o ucnvscsu.o ucnvsel.o ucol_swp.o ucptrie.o ucurr.o udata.o udatamem.o udataswp.o uenum.o uhash.o uhash_us.o uidna.o uinit.o uinvchar.o uiter.o ulist.o uloc.o uloc_keytype.o uloc_tag.o umapfile.o umath.o umutablecptrie.o umutex.o unames.o unifiedcache.o unifilt.o unifunct.o uniset.o uniset_closure.o uniset_props.o unisetspan.o unistr.o unistr_case.o unistr_case_locale.o unistr_cnv.o unistr_props.o unistr_titlecase_brkiter.o unorm.o unormcmp.o uobject.o uprops.o ures_cnv.o uresbund.o uresdata.o usc_impl.o uscript.o uscript_props.o uset.o uset_props.o usetiter.o ushape.o usprep.o ustack.o ustr_cnv.o ustr_titlecase_brkiter.o ustr_wcs.o ustrcase.o ustrcase_locale.o ustrenum.o ustrfmt.o ustring.o ustrtrns.o utext.o utf_impl.o util.o util_props.o utrace.o utrie.o utrie2.o utrie2_builder.o utrie_swap.o uts46.o utypes.o uvector.o uvectr32.o uvectr64.o wintz.o -L../lib -L../stubdata -licudata -lpthread -lm -mt
Undefined first referenced
symbol in file
std::condition_variable::~condition_variable() umutex.o
std::condition_variable::condition_variable() umutex.o
vtable for __cxxabiv1::__si_class_type_info appendable.o
[Hint: static member vtable for __cxxabiv1::__si_class_type_info must be defined in the program]
__cxa_end_catch brkeng.o
__cxa_begin_catch brkeng.o
operator delete(void*) localematcher.o
std::condition_variable::notify_all() umutex.o
std::condition_variable::wait(std::unique_lockstd::mutex&) umutex.o
__cxxabiv1::zero_bytes(void*, unsigned long) localebuilder.o
__SUNW_ABIG3_cpp_personality appendable.o
std::__once_callable umutex.o
[Hint: static member std::__once_callable must be defined in the program]
__cxa_bad_typeid rbbi.o
std::terminate() brkeng.o
vtable for __cxxabiv1::__vmi_class_type_info localematcher.o
[Hint: static member vtable for __cxxabiv1::__vmi_class_type_info must be defined in the program]
__dynamic_cast normalizer2.o
__cxxabiv1::zero_ptrs(void*, unsigned long) brkiter.o
__cxxabiv1::vector_del(void*, unsigned long, void ()(void)) caniter.o
vtable for __cxxabiv1::__class_type_info bmpset.o
[Hint: static member vtable for __cxxabiv1::__class_type_info must be defined in the program]
__cxa_pure_virtual appendable.o
__once_proxy umutex.o
__cxa_rethrow brkeng.o
std::__once_call umutex.o
[Hint: static member std::__once_call must be defined in the program]
__cxxabiv1::vector_new(void*, unsigned long, unsigned long, void ()(void), void ()(void)) caniter.o
__cxa_vec_dtor dictbe.o
__cxa_vec_ctor characterproperties.o
std::__throw_system_error(int) umutex.o
ld: fatal: symbol referencing errors
Which library on Solaris exports the symbols for std::condition_variable. And other symbols that are causing these errors?
Am i missing any flags? What could be the problem?
Your help on this will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

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Added on Nov 18 2021