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Where to find the docs explaining about the fields of generated Unified Audit Record in OS (windows)

User_Q4K69May 19 2022

Here's the generated audit record in windows event viewer through unified audit policy for selecting a table,
Unified Audit Record: LENGTH: '218' TYPE:"4" DBID:"1487583430" SESID:"1196694278" CLIENTID:"" ENTRYID:"3" STMTID:"40" DBUSER:"C##USER1" CURUSER:"C##USER1" ACTION:"3" RETCODE:"0" SCHEMA:"C##USER1" OBJNAME:"TB1" PDB_GUID:"BC74B627F47A416AB26784E660B5C7B2"
Is there any oracle doc explaining about the fields present in this unified audit record? I can't find anything that explains?.

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Added on May 19 2022
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