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Where to ask questions on Ocale University?

ben-from-canberraJul 10 2023 — edited Jul 10 2023


I have the same issue was this gentleman, I know the moderator says to post the question in Oracle University (OU), and I do want to post it there, I already have an account over at OU, but I have no idea where the forum sections are or where ask questions at OU.

The page is just a big list of official announcement, I have looked everywhere and can not find a place to post question. So if someone can please pin point me to exact how to post a question on OU, that would be great.

If someone can tell me where to ask question on OU, that would be great.

I have paid over $400 AUD to buy the exam which comes in the form of Oracle Technology Exam Subscription, but when I try to register for an exam, it is asking to buy the same thing again. The process is very frustrating compared to other companies like Microsoft, AWS etc

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Added on Jul 10 2023