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Where ODBC Connector is defined in Windows registry?

5962713c-2845-4f09-b375-d89f7cd2f985Apr 28 2015 — edited May 5 2015

Good day!

I have an app which use ODBC Connector, and it don't works as well. When I trying to access ODBC programmatically, I get an error from ODBC Driver Manager, smth like: " Data source not found and no driver specified, the default "

(my OS language is different, so it's not verbatim).

I changed MySQL ODBC Connector many times, I tried different versions and tried specify driver in registry manualy (in branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBCINST.INI). Also, I had tried to track how does it work step by step, and I  stop at odbc32.dll. As I think it is ODBC Driver Manager which can't find smth necessary, but what?

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Added on Apr 28 2015
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