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Where is login.sql?

user8952845Jan 15 2021

Oracle 18c is installed on Windows 10 machineA. I connect to the database using Instant Client from machineB, also Windows 10 using sqlplus wayne/pwd@//machineA:1521/XEPDB1. All's well. I created a login.sql in the machineB directory that I work in, but it appears to be ignored. If I SQL>START login.sql i get a SQL> prompt but the commands do not execute. If I delete the login.sql and reissue the START command, I again get a SQL> prompt as though it found and ran a file, even though it doesn't exist. If I try to start any other non-existant file, I get an appropriate SP2-0310: unable to open file "xyz.sql" message. If I try to start any other file that does exist, the file executes. I've searched the entire machine and found no other login.sql files.
Sooooo... why does SQL*Plus ignore the login.sql in my directory? Why does it not object to my request to execute login.sql when it does not exist?
BTW, machineB has no Oracle_Home or SQLPath defined.

This post has been answered by Solomon Yakobson on Jan 15 2021
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Added on Jan 15 2021