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When will the Oracle extension for a vs code store passwords encrypted?

User_NVMUJApr 15 2022 — edited Apr 18 2022

Currently the Oracle extension for vs code stores passwords as clear text. This applies to all versions of the extension including the most recently released version 21.4.0
When will the extension store the passwords encrypted?

e.g. using the create connection dialog:
image.pngIn the dialog the password is hidden, however in the settings file, it is in clear text:
"authenticationType": 1,
"dBAPrivilege": "SYSDBA",
"userID": "SYS",
"passwordSaved": true,
"password": "oracle",
"dataSource": "localhost:1521/xepdb1",
"connectionType": 2,
"databaseHostName": "localhost",
"databasePortNumber": "1521",
"databaseServiceName": "xepdb1",
"name": "SYS.xepdb1",
"currentSchema": "",
"tnsAdmin": "C:\\Users\\geral\\Oracle\\network\\admin"

Now, if this was a connection to a production database, it could be used by an intruder.
On Windows, e.g. this extension should use the Windows Credential Manager to store passwords securely

This post has been answered by Christian.Shay -Oracle on Apr 18 2022
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Added on Apr 15 2022