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When will oracle support ODP.Net in iOS and Android while Other databases supports native connection from iOS/Android?

Balasubramanian RamanathanNov 17 2023 — edited Nov 18 2023

I was able to get working in xamarin ios/android projects. But it is not working in maui or .net8-ios/net8.0-andorid projects. I get the error Platform not supported on System.Diagnostics.Process.CreateProcessInfo. It seems to be that this namespace System.Diagnostics.Process is part of Xamarin.ios.dll in xamarin ios but with .net8 is microsoft moved it to separate dll called System.Diagnostics.Process.dll and most of the methods are not supported in .net8 ios and maui. Thats why it is not working.

All other database providers like MySql, PostgreSql,Sql Server, MongoDB .net providers works fine in maui/net8.0-ios. Only left out.

Whether oracle have plans for supporting direct connection to oracle database from ios using was working in Xamarin iOS) without using middle tier rest apis in .net8 ios/maui?

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Added on Nov 17 2023