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When using TODATE function MDX query is not correctly generated

Essbase and OBIEE

When using TODATE function MDX query is not correctly generated.

This leads to unexpected values not only on cumulative columns in report (generated with TODATE), but also other columns (calculated with AGO function or directly read from cube) have incorrect values.

The problem occurs when you filter on a column that is not in the select list. If you filter on just one level of dimension, results are fine. You can filter on multiple dimensions as long as you filter on just one level of each dimension.
If you filter on two or more levels of one dimension, than results are not correct. In some cases results for TODATE column are all zeros, in some cases it is a random value returned by Essbase (same random value for all rows of that column), and in some cases BI Server returns an error:
State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred. Essbase Error: Network error [10054]: Cannot Send Data (HY000).

Here is generated MDX code:
set [Grupe proizvoda2] as '{[Grupe proizvoda].[N4]}'
set [Grupe proizvoda4] as 'Generate([Grupe proizvoda2], Descendants([Grupe proizvoda].currentmember, [Grupe proizvoda].Generations(4), leaves))'
set [Segmentacija2] as '{[Segmentacija].[RETAIL]}'
set [Segmentacija4] as 'Filter(Generate({[Segmentacija2]}, Descendants([Segmentacija].currentmember, [Segmentacija].Generations(4),SELF), ALL), ([Segmentacija].CurrentMember IS [Segmentacija].[AFFLUENT]))'
set [Vrijeme3] as '{[Vrijeme].[MJESEC_4_2009]}'
member [Segmentacija].[SegmentacijaCustomGroup]as 'Sum([Segmentacija4])', SOLVE_ORDER = AGGREGATION_SOLVEORDER
member [Accounts].[MS1] as '(ParallelPeriod([Vrijeme].[Gen3,Vrijeme],2,[Vrijeme].currentmember), [Accounts].[Trosak kapitala])'
member [Accounts].[MS2] as '(ParallelPeriod([Vrijeme].[Gen3,Vrijeme],1,[Vrijeme].currentmember), [Accounts].[Trosak kapitala])'
member [Accounts].[MS3] as 'AGGREGATE({PeriodsToDate([Vrijeme].[Gen2,Vrijeme],[Vrijeme].currentmember)}, [Accounts].[Trosak kapitala])'
{ [Accounts].[Trosak kapitala],
} on columns,
NON EMPTY {crossjoin ({[Grupe proizvoda4]},{[Vrijeme3]})} properties ANCESTOR_NAMES, GEN_NUMBER on rows
from [NISE.NISE]
where ([Segmentacija].[SegmentacijaCustomGroup])

If you remove part with TODATE function, the results are fine. If you leave TODATE function, OBIEE returns an error mentioned above. If you manually modify variable SOLVE_ORDER and set value to, for example, 100 instead of AGGREGATION_SOLVEORDER, results are OK.
In all cases when this variable was modified in generated MDX, and query manually executed on Essabse, results were OK. This variable seems to be the possible problem.