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What Version of JRE

2735970Aug 19 2014 — edited Aug 22 2014

It's probably the wrong thing to have done, but I've opened an account on this site in desperation, as no one else seems to know the correct solution.

I have the current version of both IE and Firefox, but my main browser is Firefox and my system is 64bit.

I am trying to access a newspaper sites' crossword page (Daily Mail Puzzles) and it seems the crossword needs Java JRE installed before it is displayed.

In IE, l've tried from JRE 6 onwards (both 32bit and 64bit) and all that is displayed is a black box.

In Firefox, l've again tried JRE 6 onwards (both 32bit and 64bit) but all that is displayed is a box saying it needs a plug-in to display.

Clicking on install, it then says no plug in is available?

The Daily Mail uses a third party supplier to display their crossword or so it seems.

In Firefox, l keep getting the following message -

Name: brandx/games/crossword/CrosswordApplet

Location: http..//puzzles_press_net

"Your security settings have blocked an untrusted application from running"

There are lots of suggestions if one "googles" this, but no one solution works.

Also, more and more people on that site are now having similar problems!

I'm wondering whether anyone here can throw any light as to what to do?


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Added on Aug 19 2014
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