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What should I use instead of thread.sleep on a swing applet?

DynamiAug 22 2017 — edited Aug 24 2017


I was trying to make a Timer, where you set the time with a jComboBox, you press a toggle button and it starts.

But, when I made a nested for loop with a 1 sec delay on each loop, thread.sleep froze the aplication.

Then I tried the swing timer. But I can't use it because the Timer needs to be in a text box, and jTextBox does not implement the ActionListener Interface.

What should I do?

And, I feel like I am asking questions too frequently. Should I go back to the basics?

Thanks in advance.

Code at the moment :

    private void jTextField1ActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {                                           

        String temp1 =(String) jComboBox3.getSelectedItem();

        String temp2 =(String) jComboBox2.getSelectedItem();

        String temp3 = (String) jComboBox1.getSelectedItem();

        int hour =Integer.parseInt(temp1);

        int min = Integer.parseInt(temp2);

        int sec = Integer.parseInt(temp3);


        int startHour = hour;

        int startMin = min;

        int startSec = sec;

      if("Timer is OFF".equals(jToggleButton1.getText())){


    } else{ {

          for (hour = startHour; hour >= 0; hour--){

                  startMin = 59;

              for (min = startMin; min >= 0; min--){

                  startSec = 59;

                  for(sec = startSec; sec >= 0; sec--){                   

                      try {


                      } catch (InterruptedException ex) {



                    jTextField1.setText(hour + ":" + min + ":" + sec); 








(Might update if needed.)

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