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what's the best way to get my PROPERTY GRAPHs ddl?

berxJan 6 2024

I'm playing with property graphs in 23c free - based on Get started with property graphs in Oracle Database 23c Free – Developer Release.
But when I try to get its DDL out of my database, I failed at
DBA_PROPERTY_GRAPHS - there is DDL column
DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL - does not have PROPERTY GRAPH in the list of supported objects
SQLcl (23.3) - thows java.lang.NullPointerException
SQL Developer (23.3.1) - has “rudimentary support”

my current approach is expdp/impdp with sqlfile=graphuser.sql

As expdp has a method to get the DDL, how can I do so?

This post has been answered by Gianni Ceresa on Jan 6 2024
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Added on Jan 6 2024
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