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What is this feature in bash called? How to disable?

Jcecere-OracleOct 5 2021

Using bash in OEL (say 8), and I make a typo, it seems that bash tries to invoke a yum process to try and find my typo. For example:
$ ocker-compose down
bash: ocker-compose: command not found...
At the ..., it's hanging trying to invoke yum (I think) to find an rpm with the command called ocker-compose. What is the name of this feature in bash? More importantly, how do I disable it? I'm not fond of the idea of bash hanging every time I make a typo for ARGV[0].
I've had no luck with Google, probably because I don't know what this feature is called.
The bash man page doesn't seem to reveal anything about this either.

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Added on Oct 5 2021
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