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What is the workflow for a database project?

Paul AbbottDec 5 2023

I don't understand how this is supposed to work. I am writing some PL/SQL packages. Do I

  1. Edit the code in Server Explorer? This works great, but how do I get my changes into the database project so I can check them in to souce control? If I use “generate create script to project”. it creates MYPKGBODY_1.sql instead of updating the existing MYPKGBODY.sql in the project.
  2. Edit the code in the database project? When I do this and hit “run” (there is no “compile” option), it runs the package body and updates the server. But, I get no error messages. The output window always shows “PACKAGE BODY created”, even if I intentionally put an error in the code to make it not compile.

So it seems my choices are edit on the server and manually copy/paste changes into the database project, or edit the database project and get no error messages when updating the server. Both options seem very clumsy.

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Added on Dec 5 2023
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