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What is the maximum file size can be processed in one instance/run in SOA 11g?

905784Mar 13 2014 — edited Feb 26 2020


We are trying to process some 16 xml files (combined sum of file size = 6 GB). There are some weird cases happening here:

1. Integration fetches, converts this 24 files into 1 single file of around 2 GB and send to target folder.

2. When we run this integration after server reboot, instance getting completed in 90 minutes.

3. Next day it is taking 2 hours and subsequent days it is taking little long time and after a week, instance not getting completed at all and getting stuck.

We can see the stuck thread in the server and what could be right solution in order to perform this run. Should we restart the server often (which is not the right solution) or release the stuck thread everyday or any other solution?

P.S: Approach cannot be changed to fetch from database as legacy system does not have that feature.

Please let me know if you require any more details.

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Added on Mar 13 2014
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