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What is the lifecycle of Oracle Linux for minor releases?

Hello, I'm discovering Oracle Linux and considering the move from other RHEL clones.
One question that's remains unanswered is: what's the lifecycle of minor releases on Oracle Linux? Do we get updates, on the free tier, when a new point release is available for the previous ones?
Exemple: I need to install an Enterprise Linux 7.7 server, on CentOS world we need to get the ISOs from CentOS Vault and there's only updates to the last day before CentOS 7.8 is released. In other hand on RHEL there will be some security updates for RHEL 7.7 even if 7.8 is already released for a period of time. So RHEL is a better fit than CentOS in this case.
So which is the policy on Oracle Linux in this case? Where I can read about it? How can I pin Oracle Linux to keep a point release and maintain it patched?
Thank you all.

This post has been answered by Avi Miller-Oracle on Mar 13 2021
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Added on Mar 12 2021