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what is the current Berkeley DB Java Edition release? is there a public source code repository

AndyGlickDec 7 2020

The standard Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition pages give the current release as 7.5.11. And offers what looks to be a complete distribution. This is some years old.
Maven Central offers a release of com.sleepycat:je:18.3.12 which offers a more recent jar file, a source jarfile and a javadoc jar file, but it does not offer the test code or the examples.
Given that this product is released under an open source license it would be helpful if a source code repository were available. In addition, as I understand it the Affero GPL requires that OSS licensees are obligated to contribute their enhancements and bug fixes back to Oracle, but there seems to be no way of doing that, or rather there does not appear to be anyway that OSS participants can share changes among each other.
If the current release is in fact 18.3.12 then would you please create such a full release? If you aren't going to treat it as a release, then what are your intentions going forward for this product and how can OSS licensees see each other's work?

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Added on Dec 7 2020