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What is DEV1, why did it email me and will it cause me any problems?

Venetia KingDec 1 2023

I got an unsolicited email from “Oracle Social Network” with the subject “Your DEV1 - Oracle Social Network Daily Digest”. It seems to be implying that something I posted on a forum using my work email address at some time in the past is suddenly being shared publicly for reasons unknown, and I'm worried it might be exposing my email to spammers. But I can't get through to the DEV1 links - they ask for a logon I don't have and can't create. And I can't find any way to ask Oracle what this means! So I've created an account on here to ask if anyone has any ideas?

The message looked like this, some of it was links which I've not copied here.

DEV1 - Oracle Social Network

DEV1 - Oracle Social Network Daily Digest for
Friday, December 1, 2023 12:06 AM UTC

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Added on Dec 1 2023