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What is a reasonable prise for an animation applet?

843807Oct 19 2002 — edited Oct 28 2002
A company wants to buy some of my applets to include them in
their screensavers, but I don't know what a reasonable prise is.
Has anyone been in a similar situation and in that case could
you suggest a reasonable prise? I don't need any opinions about the
applets, I just need to know what a reasonable prise for an animation
applet is.

My applets can be found at

and the company that wants to buy is:

They say about their project:

"My site will be promoted by marketing proffessionals, using the legal and
healthy ways of web publicity : no spam, no
ad-banners, no pay by click, no pop-ups. I intend
to use the news-papers and the television to speak
about my work and I want to contact the web-majors
(CNET, ZDnet, TwoCows, Award promotors etc) to
reference my site. It represents a lot of work and money -- but the results are consequently. For my
products -- who are between the best in the field,
if not the best -- I want only what is the best ...
I propose you to let me integrate to my screen
savers some of your applets. "

Thanks to anyone who can give me advice on this
Eyvind Almquist
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