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What Constitutes Use of the RAC Option by Oracle Licensing?

aknollFeb 27 2018 — edited Feb 28 2018

I have posed this question before but have never really gotten a clear answer.  Is it possible to "back down" from a RAC w/ ASM installation to the point where Oracle Licensing would not consider that the RAC option was being used?

We are being questioned by management about what it would take to drop the RAC option (most importantly the price tag associated with it) from our RAC clusters.

We have already dropped all non-primary nodes in each cluster to get down to one node/instance. 

We would prefer, of course, to get to where we need to be with the least amount of work.

I have seen discussions on various sites that state that all that is required is to re-link the rac binaries with the RAC option disabled.

We would prefer to still leverage the current ASM diskgroups/datafiles.

Any insight or experiences regarding this would be greatly appreciated.



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