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What are main differences between Oracle Jet and Angular.js or React.js? Which is most efficient, fl

hokerZJul 21 2016 — edited Jul 24 2016

As the title says, what they are?

Both in terms of flexibility, built-in features/modules (like handling ajax requests, form validations, web-security) and ease of writing custom modules?

I'm currently in a team, working on some ecommerce site (online fast-food ordering) and the site uses only jquery, twitter bootstrap and some plugins (i.e. for form validation, showing tooltips, popups and modals) and a lot of custom code on frontend, while Java on backend.

OJ description I read on this forum suggests it's designed mainly for Oracle stack.

So should I feel discouraged of using OJ in environment which ins't 100% Oracle stack?

While project is online already and works quite good, it's still in heavy development. We plan on adding new features also and decided that current frontend stack is becoming bloated and hard in maintenance.

We use a lot of jquery plugins which aren't in development by their authors already, but we still rely on them.

The worst solution we thought about, is to just refactor current js modules, and update or change plugins.

But what we strive for is migration toward one and only js framework, which could handle all of stuff zillions of plugins we use now are handling now.

So proper form validation (in real-time) for date, time, credit card numbers, phone numbers, country-codes, emails .etc, web-security (anti-xss and csrf .etc), polyfills if needed, handling ajax requests and content loading, creating custom tooltips, modals and popups, elements (accelerated) animations like carousels and sliders, typeaheads, html5 api wrappers if needed, interactive maps with geolocation and geotagging, interactive control panel dashboards, contacts forms, html templating like in mustache.js - basically a lot of stuff.

I already saw that OJ has built-in [url=Validators - Custom Validator]form validation[/url] but is it better comparing to i.e. [url=]jQuery Validation[/url] plugin?

App built on top of a framework we need, should be quite easy in refactoring, manual and automatic testing by human tester and allow us to incorporate TDD in webapps.

It's a must for a framework we'll use to be fully open source, customizable, modular and free of charge without any future incompatibilities in usage license - we'll use this stuff in commercial product.

I heard a lot of good things about both Angular and React but still don't know a thing about OJ.

Could someone point me, please, to answers to my problem? Is OJ good choice as a solution to my team's problems?

Thank you!

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Added on Jul 21 2016