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What are best practices for cloning a database with APEX applications?

AntonC2CAug 28 2015 — edited Aug 31 2015

I've searched the forums and found bits and pieces, but not a comprehensive guide on this topic. It is a common practice to clone a production database and utilize the clone for testing or development purposes. I'm looking for a comprehensive set of steps related to APEX for this scenario. Below is a sample list of steps (without much guidance). I'm wondering if anyone has already developed such a guide or if we can get Oracle to do so.

  1. Use RMAN or your favorite technology to backup and restore the production database, but DO NOT START
  2. Change the database SID and name if not done above
  3. Set JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES to 0.  This is a key step to make sure that when you start the database things don't start "happening"
  4. Start the database
  5. Assuming you are running a runtime only environment in Production, run apxdvins.sql to upgrade the runtime into a full development environment.
  6. Log into the INTERNAL workspace and modify instance settings: Instance URL, Image URL, SMTP server settings (if you wish to use a different SMTP server), Print Server settings, any other settings you want
  7. Navigate to the Manage Instance > Mail Queue and delete anything in the queue. There clone may have happened while things were in the queue.
  8. Manage Instance > Interactive Report Descriptions: Delete all of the Interactive Report subscriptions. This is also a key step to ensure that you don't have emails going out to production users from your development or test environment.
  9. Manage Instance > Session State: Purge all session state. There could be sensitive production data that you don't want left around in session state.
  10. Modify any settings specific to your own applications, e.g. web service URLs, lookup values, etc.
  11. Reset JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES to appropriate value.

It would also be great to have a script that does the above things.

Are there other things that should be done? Is there a script to accomplish most of the above (excluding #10, of course)?

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