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Webutil Configuration Error (Cannot find path)

Engineerr1983Mar 1 2024


Hi, I'm trying to configure webutil in oracle forms 12c, I'm trying to add (webutil.pll under Attached Libraries) and (webutil.olb into Object Groups node) in forms builder 12c. One of the steps is to use the file (sign_webutil.bat) and run it with jacob.jar using command prompt as follows %Oracle_home%\forms\templates\scripts>sign_webutil.bat %Oracle_Home%\forms\java\jacob.jar The errors said that the system cannot find the path specified. There are 2 errors of this kind. Which are those paths that the system cannot find as far as the paths in the command prompt are correct?

Note: there is another path for the file sign_webutil.bat in Oracle_Home 12c, I also used it but got the same error.


The errors shown in the picture attached below

This post has been answered by Michael Ferrante-Oracle on Mar 1 2024
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Added on Mar 1 2024