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Webutil - Client PC Prerequisites

39307Dec 16 2009 — edited Dec 18 2009

I have a user that for some time has been running a form that uses Webutil to generate an MS Excel spreadsheet without any problems. This user has just had a complete rebuild on their PC (re-install of OS and all applications) and although then can run forms, when they try and run the form that uses Webutil to generate the spreadsheet, it just bombs out at the first 'client_ole2.create_obj' call. When this user runs the form on any other PC the Webutil call works fine which leads me to think it could be a client PC issue.

Here is the line of code from the form where its currently bombing out:

application := client_ole2.create_obj('Excel.Application');

The user is running with Jinitiator v1.28 and has the Java Runtime Environemnt / JVM installed on their PC.

Is anyone aware of any other Client PC prerequisites for using Webutil to generate spreadsheets or offer any other suggestions as to what could be going wrong ?

Thanks, Mark
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