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WebLogic domain creation fails with SecurityException: The provider self-integrity check failed.

David BalažicDec 6 2022 — edited Dec 6 2022

First, sorry if this is the wrong category, but the single dropdown list with all the categories without a search facility is impossible to use.
The problem:
Creating a new domain in WebLogic fails at end with this error message:
java.lang.SecurityException: The provider self-integrity check failed.
This happens when using the script (in console mode) or the unpack method.
OS: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (x86_64) patchlevel 4
WebLogic 10.3.6
JDK Oracle 7u361
I installed WebLogic from wls1036_generic.jar, and then tried to created a domain. It always fails with the above error.
The release notes[1] actually mention this error as "Running the WebLogic Full Client in a Non-Forked VM" but I don't see how this applies.

Any ideas how to resolve this?


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Added on Dec 6 2022
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