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Webgate is not returning HTTPS

Filip HuysmansMay 21 2013 — edited May 22 2013
Hello everyone,

WebTier: 11 Patch 6

We have our webtier (HTTP_Server), which contains the webgate component, running on port 8888 on protocol HTTP.
When we access this webtier directly everything, all redirections and logins, are working fine.

Now we need to change the entry point, to allow the user to come-in through a different apache server. This one is running in SSL-mode. So the user needs to access our system through https://<front_end_server_name>/<our application name>.

While all our urls are now in https, there is 1 that isn't. Be aware, the HTTP_Server with the webgate component is still running in HTTP-mode, it is only this front-end apache server that is running in SSL-mode.

After we commit our form (auth_cred_submit), we see the location in the response headers of this page pointing to : http://<front_end_server_name>/obrar.cgi
You can see that the correct servername and port are being used, namely the one of the front-end apache server, but the wrong protocol. The url is created with the protocol of the HTTP_Server where the webgate is running on and not the one of the front-end apache.

How can we fix this problem so that the url is generated with the HTTPS-protocol ?

Thank you in advance.

Filip Huysmans
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