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WebCenter Sites (WCS) Community Application infrastructure questions

948593Jul 17 2012 — edited Jul 17 2012
Essentially, we are looking to perform the most basic, bare-bones installation of WCS Community. After reading through the Community installation guide, I have gathered that the following infrastructure will be necessary, and I am hoping you can either confirm or correct me if I am wrong. We will be deploying on WebLogic. Figure 3 on page 11 of the Community install guide diagrams the most basic infrastructure as I understand it to be, which is:

1. Two separate physical servers, one for the Production Stack, and one for the Management Stack.
2. Deployment of a Production Delivery instance of WCS on the Production Stack (the Co-Resident Satellite Server that comes out-of-the-box with WCS install is not enough).
3. Deployment of a Management instance of Community on the Management Stack (but on a separate WebLogic managed server instance than the WCS Management deployment).
4. Deployment of a Production instance of Community on the Production Stack (but on a separate WebLogic managed server instance than the WCS Delivery deployment).

I understand that all 4 deployments need to happen on separate WebLogic application (managed) server instances. But to dig a little deeper, I guess my main question is, do the Production and Management Stacks need to be on separate virtual machines (we are using VMs to house WebLogic), or can we have 4 WebLogic managed servers on the same VM and house all 4 deployments on the same WebLogic domain?

Thanks, and your advice will be greatly appreciated,
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