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WebCenter Sites - Export to Disk with Images

957599Aug 31 2012 — edited Sep 3 2012
Using WebCenter Sites (, I've followed the 'export to disk' instructions for FirstSiteII but no images are exported. I have selected all types in 'Approve Multiple Assets' query (including images) before publishing. There are a list of totals from the query results, and it appears to have found images and approved them, however there are messages saying:

"Rendered page returns -4 rendering asset, ItemImage.jpg. Please preview asset and check template, FirstSiteII/Media_C/FSIIDetail."

(Although this message is presented in a green notification box with a tick)

How can I include images in the export?

The plan was to use the 'export to disk' feature as the primary method of publishing site content. I'm using the sample sites to test how feasible this is. I also haven't been able to locate a suitable entry point asset on the avisports sample to test it as well. The 'Home' asset cannot be selected as entry point as 'no templates can be found' (despite it listing that it uses HomeLayout in the form).

How can I export avisports site to disk?

Many thanks.
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