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Webcenter Records Physical checkin confirmation page not appearing after applying MLR patch on WCC 1

2686402Jun 11 2014 — edited Jun 16 2014


We are facing an issue while checking in a physical content from URM after applying latest MLR patch on WCC. we have one custom component which has overridden CREATE_EXTERNAL_ITEMĀ  OOB service of physical checkin. Before applying the patch this component used to work fine but we are seeing the issue after the applying patch only. Whenever we are checking in one item, we are receiving one blank page instead of checkin confirmation page though the physical item is getting checked in the background.

The URL of the checkin confirm page which we can see is like --<$if%20createdFromStorage%20and%20isTrue(createdFromStorage)$>IdcService=BROWSE_STORAGE_FORM&dObjectID=<$dPermLocation$>&pcmType=storage<$else$>IdcService=INFO_EXTERNAL_ITEM_FORM&dSource=<$dSource$>&dID=<$dID$><$endif$>

Actually what we feel is the < > symbol is getting converted as &lt and &gt and the URL is not getting formed properly.

Is there any other patch which we need to apply on top it?

Please help if you have any solution for this issue.



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