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webcenter portal 12c( information needed for security testing.

User_112YDOct 25 2019 — edited Oct 31 2019

Hi Experts,

Below some interesting questions has been raised by our security testing team, i was unable answer them..

please help to know default portal setting/valus of these questions:

  • List of approved file types from applications?--i'm allowing only pdf,doc,docx while uploading files in ucm from portal.
  • Max allowed URL length,
  • Allowed extensions?
  • Allowed HTTP Methods?
  • Allowed response codes from the servers?
  • Maximum cookie header length?
  • Allowed cookies?
  • Allowed Meta characters ?

where i can find information for these kind of questions.

Please provide information..plz let me know if you need any other information.

Thanks in advance.

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Added on Oct 25 2019