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Web Service with complex data types

ScarfaceMkdFeb 5 2018 — edited Feb 7 2018


I would like to get some guidance for the following issues that i have. I need to create a web service(not consume) from a WSDL file that needs to replace another web service. So the structure of the requests and the responses needs to stay the same so the applications that consume the web services wont have to make changes. So I have 2 possible solutions and i would like to hear from you if you have any other recommendations:

1. Enable AM custom method as a service, but the problem here is that I can only use primitive types for parameters and return parameters while in the WS definition i have complex types both for parameters and return types.

2. Creating the WS from WSDL(the automatic option of jDeveloper to create the WS classes). This option works fine but the issue here is that i would like to use ADF business components for CRUD operations. Any idea how can i achieve that?

If you need anymore info please let me know.

Currently on but we are migrating to this month.


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