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WARNING OGG-03056 data size exceeds the maximum target table

OmoheiAug 17 2020 — edited Aug 19 2020

Hi all ,

I have below warnning  in replica report . i doubled check the source and target column the same in data type and width , the only diference  is   the source is Oracle DB 12.1 and Target MSSQL 2012

Any advice to clear the below warnning

2020-08-17 21:41:09  WARNING OGG-03056  Source table CISADM.HAYAT_ONLINE_STG col

umn CREATE_TIME data size exceeds the maximum target table dbo.RD_CCB_BILLS colu

mn CRE_DT size. Automatic truncation is enabled for all tables/columns without f

urther warnings.

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Added on Aug 17 2020