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Wanting to post simple java games on a web site

stinkfoot70Apr 30 2018 — edited Apr 30 2018

I've learned some basic java and just started making simple GUI games. I was hoping to distribute them by somehow making them playable via my website. However, I'm confused how to proceed as much of my search results are either outdated or intended for more complex java programs.

The solutions most recommended in my research are applets, Java Web Start, or learn javascript.

I've seen suggestions in articles that both applets and JWS are outdated and are questionable for working on most browsers. Plus, do they both require certification to be able to run online? I'm not prepared to pay certification fees to share some elementary homemade games online.

Or I've heard...learn javascript which sounds like a completely different language. I'm hoping I can find a solution that utilizes all the java I just learned.

What other options am I missing that could work simply and not make a mountain out of a molehill?

Thank you. core

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