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view object current row still showing old value even though switched from af:inputTextListValue

Suresh Siddamsetty-OracleNov 20 2023 — edited Nov 20 2023

hi team,

Current Jdev:

Issue: jsff page contains af:inputTextListOfValues ,having list of user names. when switch the user, From ValueChangeListener, able to see old & new values in correct format. but from currentRow of this view Object is still showing old user details.

This is an intermittent issue. not occurs every time. Even getting value from EL expression also still issue reproducible.

When changing value from list, UI showing new value. and when navigate to another page and back, showing again old value.

This issue not occurs at first time, but occurs after switching values few times.

** Value Change listener calls twice on changing value every time.

Can any one please help on this issue.



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Added on Nov 20 2023